At Glampire Labs we explore, test and execute new ideas. Glampire Labs applies a mix of strategy, creativity and technology to take your idea to market and get you through the first phase. This usually means: get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then we can introduce you to later stage investors—or occasionally even acquirers.

Details : App Development

WARNER CHAPPELL FINANCIAL APP : Realtime reporting application for Warner Chappell Song writters.

HEYFAN is an upcoming startup focused on allowing latin american celebrities, artist, athletes and entertainment professionals to monetize there 15 min of fame via shout outs and personalized messages.

Details : Concept & Development

Details : UI & UX Concept & VR Development

Smart touch and virtual reality jewelry store for Asteria Diamonds, Now Rebranded Astteria. Project allows internal retail buyers to navigate the virtual store, visit counters, shop and communicate in real time.

Our Team at MIESGROUP has brought to life an upcoming 2 tower project. Project allows buyers to navigate, experience the future apartments and navigate in VR the most representative areas of the complex.

Details : UI & UX Concept & VR Development

CITIFLY is unique multi city location based augmented reality mobile game . Fans of universal music artist are given the change to download the app and participate in a series of treasure hunts. Collecting virtual items, trivias, quizzes, songs, digital gifts and items .

Similar to Pokemon GO. CITIFlY offers a cloud based framework that allows the creation of AR gamification campaigns for artist, partners and exclusive products.

Details : Concept & Development

Details : Trans Media Concept, Production & App Development

WALK WITH ME SHORT FILM: uses the VR environment to transcend the classic film experience. Forget relating to a lead character, forget the audience, forget yourself and live the lead role. Storytelling in VR is here, it’s real. It’s not a tour, it’s not a display of technology, it’s a film.

WALK WITH ME APP: Allows immediate real-time tracking help from friends and family in your moments of need. For any female, student, home-alone elderly or person , it is an ideal guard angel companion.

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