On- Demand Platforms are mobile solution that allows to book a service from anywhere, at any time from a mobile phone or tablet that help businesses execute consumer demand through the immediate provision of goods and services. Vertically any business stands to benefit though the use of these platforms from ground transportation to the food industry; delivery and logistics to the beauty industry; from the healthcare industry to any other business out there.

With the entrance of On Demand platforms, the industry value chains have had a shake down since these platforms provide a more interesting way for end users to efficiently interact with service providers while making a booking comfortably from anywhere at any time.

We power the On Demand economy. With the apps that we built, there is a noticeable change in a number of industry that are disrupting the value chain. Businesses that have embraced the ever growing On Demand economy are boosting results, increasing revenue and innovate with technology.

Glampire Labs has created a Prebuilt Technology Framework that allows to custom build experiences while avoiding to having to reinvent the wheel. Our Prebuilt (IP) is based on a serie of back-end code blocks. These code blocks are completely customizable towards any industry vertical and no compromise is made to the specifics of the business model. The result? Lower Cost, Faster Turn- Around Time and High Scalability.

  • Our products cost a fraction of the costs opposed to building if from scratch.
  • Our time to market is on average 40% faster then any other provider.
  • We provide complete flexibility as opposed to owning the technology plus all the data minus the responsibility of licensing costs.
  • Outstanding customer service. Our team is dedicated to help solve any challenge that you might face during your operations.

When we complete the development cycle, the client will be allowed to customize and retain the entire source code. The only right that we hold is to reuse the Prebuilt IP for other implementations. Glampire Labs grants clients a ceaseless, universal, worldwide, non-transferable, royalty-free license to utilize its existing IP for the sole purpose of deliverables.

We help take your idea from one point to the next. We help take it from an idea or business model to a market ready technology solution. In other words, with our Prebuilt IP, you get a head start opposed to building everything from scratch. Based on our experience, we are able to provide value to each design stage so that we are able to let you know what works and what doesn’t, therefore avoiding critical mistakes and extra turn around times.

Also, our communication system has evolved over the years and turned into a mature system with a project manager (PM) being a singular point of contact for direct, effective communication with the client 6 days per week.


We take the privacy and intellectual property (IP) that is associated with your business very seriously but can’t deny our self from learning how to make our Technology Framework more robust and scalable by entering into a Non- Compete agreement with every client. While we do review requests for accepting non-competes in certain cases whereas the specific business model or niche market is unique enough to ignoring future business opportunities, in most of cases it’s impossible to ignore future business opportunities altogether.

However, we warrant that every solution being build is unique to each client because the front end is developed completely from scratch using designs specifically tailored to each business case.

Complexity in the technology comes from so many different parts that make up the On-Demand platform. It translates into the huge amount of time required to develop the solution. There may be scenarios when we find ourselves dealing with client side apps along with supplier side apps on different platforms while at the same time dealing with dashboard components that are meant to be developed alongside the back-end in order to bring everything together. In addition, it takes plenty of time and effort to develop the front end since it has to be developed natively if user experience is to be optimized for each of the components.


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