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SmashUP events are three-hour ‘FastTalks’ for entrepreneurs and professionals from a variety of industry verticals. Sessions include, startup demo’s, panel sessions, interactive workshops and Q&A’s covering various aspects and stages of building businesses. Meet the hottest entrepreneurs, watch curated keynote talks and engage with the industry’s leading decision makers.

We introduce a serie of dedicated events focused on a variety of tracks bringing together industry experts alongside innovative entrepreneurs. Learn how key technologies and trends are driving innovation across the industry sectors. What are the most compelling problems that the industry is facing? How is each industry responding? Join SmashUP to minimize efforts and maximum results.

SmashUP: Fashion & Lifestyle

We invite you to take part in the Fashion Industry. We’ll showcase industry leaders and icons that take you through the journey of the evolution and integration of fashion and technology that is all around us today.

SmashUP: Entertainment

We invite you to take part in the Entertainment Industry. A panel of executives and influencers from the content and entertainment industry. Some of the most interesting Hi- Tech innovations from Hollywood are presented that address considerable challenges in the entertainment space.

SmashUP: Big Data

We invite you to take part in the Data Industry. We will showcase industry experts so you can learn about the latest developments and most exciting insights of data science applied today.


SmashUp is expanding the model into emerging markets where new technology, ongoing education, product launchings and brand partnerships are our priority. Events promise, Industry Leaders, Sharp Attendees, challenging Talks, and Masterful Execution.

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# Events are independently organized by our growing ambassador community.


Together we are building a community of high-impact game changers, leading experts & business professionals which we could have never done without the support of great partners who provide expertise and resource that promote growth.


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Glampire is constantly looking out for interesting speakers who are guaranteed to inform, impact and inspire our audience. Presentations are short, usually between 15-20 minutes. If you can keep self-promotion talks or company sales pitches out, we’d like to invite you to submit your application below

Become a Partner

Partners join an international league of business executives we form and eco-system designed to strengthen innovation- driven economic development. The League is an online dashboard that allows businesses to connect, support and exchange services and ideas.

SmashUP Ambassador

Are you looking to connect local people, help strengthen your community, and support local innovators? SmashUP is looking for entrepreneurs and/or energetic people who want to organize our events in their city. Ambassadors coordinate and manage  SmashUP events.

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