At Glampire Labs we explore, test and execute new ideas. Glampire Labs applies a mix of strategy, creativity and technology to take your idea to market and get you through the first phase. This usually means: get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then we can introduce you to later stage investors—or occasionally even acquirers.

Details : App Development

WARNER CHAPPELL FINANCIAL APP : Realtime reporting application for Warner Chappell Song writters.

CITIFLY is unique multi city location based augmented reality mobile game . Fans of universal music artist are given the change to download the app and participate in a series of treasure hunts. Collecting virtual items, trivias, quizzes, songs, digital gifts and items .

Similar to Pokemon GO. CITIFlY offers a cloud based framework that allows the creation of AR gamification campaigns for artist, partners and exclusive products.

Details : Concept & Development

Details : UI & UX Concept & Development

Hippo Technologies is a California based fintech company that provides loans and an innovative technology app platform to better manage a renter’s experience Nationwide.

Paired with its instant lending platform, Hippo will revolutionize budgeting to helping renter’s through providing loans, as we are aware that finding a new home can be financially straining. We also provide a gateway and additional benefits such as free renters insurance, discounts on various home and leisure services and products.

World’s thinnest, fastest wireless charging case. Lose the dead weight. Wirelessly charge your iPhone with our magnetic weight battery pack….

Details : Branding & Development

Details : Trans Media Concept, Production & App Development

WALK WITH ME SHORT FILM: uses the VR environment to transcend the classic film experience. Forget relating to a lead character, forget the audience, forget yourself and live the lead role. Storytelling in VR is here, it’s real. It’s not a tour, it’s not a display of technology, it’s a film.

WALK WITH ME APP: Allows immediate real-time tracking help from friends and family in your moments of need. For any female, student, home-alone elderly or person , it is an ideal guard angel companion.

GLAMY is a mobile application that allows users to schedule beauty treatments- On Demand, anywhere, anytime! We have created the easiest way to book your appointments with beauty expert, professional salons and full spa treatments facilities. Through the mobile application, via the web or in our call center anyone can schedule a beauty stylist, salon or spa with discretion, safety and comfort.

Details : Concept & Development

Details : Seed Investment 

Qviky lets you record any App or Game and share with anyone. Become part of a global community of people who share, watch and chat about things they’ve captured. Get a custom profile with all your videos in one place. Search for interesting users to follow and discover new interesting content daily.

BRIZK is an innovative total social and active lifestyle application that aggregates services and tools related to staying active, which can be discovered based on user preferences all in one platform. BRIZK will generate a profitable business through this discovery platform which brings partnerships with wellness-related brands, professionals, companies, communities and individuals all into one ecosystem.

Details : Concept & Development

Details : Concept & Development

DZIGN is a high end on demand home decor & consegier app service. 

Meet the best interior designers, lifestyle professionals within home styling, home staging and event styling. Just like Uber, you book an appointment, or let our consegier service assistants find you the latests trends and best deals in minutes.  

Details : Concept & Development

Pushing the cannabis movement to new heights
Set up a profile & show off your best NuggShot.
Nuggshot embraces social media,cannabis culture, new-age pop culture in a very sleek simple website and mobile application.

Details : Concept & Development

Send messages as regular text or as an encrypted jpeg and recipients will receive the text message as a photo. Share message pics with friends or set it to self-destruct automatically like Mission Impossible.

When text message threads are deleted on YaeYoe, it’s deleted forever. From the sender to the recipient’s phone—it’s gone everywhere.