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On Demand Delivery App
10 On-demand Delivery Apps Inspired by Uber
admin | 2 November

Uber is the most popular on-demand private driver and rideshare service out there, letting anyone hail a ride with just

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On Demand Economy
How the on-demand economy is changing the meaning of work
admin | 18 October

The past decade has seen a surge in the sharing economy, as entrepreneurs around the world capitalize on the potential

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What is the Local On-Demand Economy (LODE)?
admin | 14 October

In a phrase, the Local On-Demand Economy (LODE) is “the uberfication of local services”, according to local media research experts

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The Future Of The On-Demand Economy
admin | 23 September

The on-demand economy, spearheaded by Uber, Airbnb and Amazon, is evolving at light-speed – what should you be looking out

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20 Milestones in the History of the On-Demand Economy [Infographic]
admin | 9 September

The on-demand economy is defined as the economic activity created by digital marketplaces that fulfills consumer demands via immediate access

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On Demand Economy
How Small Businesses Get Benefits From the On-Demand Economy
admin | 8 September

In an age when more consumers are demanding instantaneous service, it’s easy to see why many small business owners are

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On-Demand Economy
Is the On-Demand Economy Helping or Hurting Entrepreneurship?
admin | 5 September

On-demand services like Uber are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, but they’re also having a significant impact on entrepreneurship, according

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On-Demand Economy
The Truth About Working for Deliveroo, Uber and the On-Demand Economy
admin | 31 August

“Drivers, couriers, cleaners and handymen are now at your beck and call thanks to a host of apps. But what’s

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On-Demand Economy
How the On-Demand Economy is Shaping Consumer Behavior?
admin | 30 August

What is the term “On-demand Economy”? On-Demand Economy refers to the contemporary economy activity due to the advancement of digital

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What We Need To Know About On-Demand Work Platforms Before Regulating Them
admin | 18 August

As we fast approach the 2016 election cycle, the future of on-demand work platforms is at a crossroads, with Uber, TaskRabbit and other market leaders facing

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On Demand Company
The Four Things That Every On-Demand Company Needs To Nail
admin | 17 August

The explosion of “on-demand” companies built over the last few years has been followed by consolidation. A category in which raising capital

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7 Industries being Disrupted by the On-demand Economy
admin | 4 August

Tap a button and get the world, sounds revolutionary right. That is what is being promised by emerging on demand

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Why Uber Personifies the Best of the On-Demand Economy
admin | 1 August

Uber announced Tuesday morning it has created a new Apple and Android app for its UberEATS food-delivery program. I hadn’t

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4 Ways the On-Demand Economy will Evolve in 2016
admin | 31 July

Uber. Airbnb. Instacart. The most talked about companies of 2015 all fall into one category: on-demand. But why? Hasn’t the

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On demand mobile app for your service – Uber for X
admin | 28 July

If you are a service provider with an entrepreneur bend of mind the Uber for X concept should certainly interest

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Mobile Technology
How Startup Is Helping Small Businesses Adjust To Mobile Technology
admin | 27 July

Every year, mobile technology is playing a bigger role in how people find the services they need and make purchase

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The Essential Guide To Building An On-Demand App
admin | 26 July

The on-demand hyper growth is upon us. In the next 5 to 20 years most of people will be able

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Know These 3 Things to Make Money in On-demand Economy
admin | 25 July

Have you ever heard about Uber? A little-to-no-value company transformed itself into a $51-billion behemoth in 6 years, disrupting the

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