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How the on-demand economy is changing the meaning of work

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The past decade has seen a surge in the sharing economy, as entrepreneurs around the world capitalize on the potential of internet, information, and technology to add unique value to

What is the Local On-Demand Economy (LODE)?

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In a phrase, the Local On-Demand Economy (LODE) is “the uberfication of local services”, according to local media research experts BIA/Kelsey. What does this mean? With an Uber app installed

The Future Of The On-Demand Economy

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The on-demand economy, spearheaded by Uber, Airbnb and Amazon, is evolving at light-speed – what should you be looking out for? The on-demand economy we have today is but a

How Small Businesses Get Benefits From the On-Demand Economy

In an age when more consumers are demanding instantaneous service, it’s easy to see why many small business owners are considering adopting an on-demand model. If you happen to be

Is the On-Demand Economy Helping or Hurting Entrepreneurship?

On-demand services like Uber are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, but they’re also having a significant impact on entrepreneurship, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Michigan,

The Truth About Working for Deliveroo, Uber and the On-Demand Economy

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“Drivers, couriers, cleaners and handymen are now at your beck and call thanks to a host of apps. But what’s it like to earn your living waiting for someone else

How the On-Demand Economy is Shaping Consumer Behavior?

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What is the term “On-demand Economy”? On-Demand Economy refers to the contemporary economy activity due to the advancement of digital technology made possible by companies involved with technology that fulfills

What We Need To Know About On-Demand Work Platforms Before Regulating Them

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As we fast approach the 2016 election cycle, the future of on-demand work platforms is at a crossroads, with Uber, TaskRabbit and other market leaders facing increased scrutiny and skepticism from regulators and political leaders. At the same

7 Industries being Disrupted by the On-demand Economy

Tap a button and get the world, sounds revolutionary right. That is what is being promised by emerging on demand platforms emerging in different verticals today. For the uninitiated, the

Why Uber Personifies the Best of the On-Demand Economy

Uber announced Tuesday morning it has created a new Apple and Android app for its UberEATS food-delivery program. I hadn’t tried the service yet, so I promptly downloaded the app,

4 Ways the On-Demand Economy will Evolve in 2016

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Uber. Airbnb. Instacart. The most talked about companies of 2015 all fall into one category: on-demand. But why? Hasn’t the shock value of jumping into a stranger’s personal car worn

Know These 3 Things to Make Money in On-demand Economy

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Have you ever heard about Uber? A little-to-no-value company transformed itself into a $51-billion behemoth in 6 years, disrupting the whole taxicab industry and propelling a revolution in the way