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If you are a service provider with an entrepreneur bend of mind the Uber for X concept should certainly interest you.

Uber for X is a name given to the new startups that are copying the Uber on demand mobile app model.

Already there are a number of services that are available via mobile apps which follow the Uber model. A small list of such apps can be found at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/236456

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Uber certainly has been a disruptive service redefining how we do business in a shared economy. Uber for X acts as a connect between those who have a service offering and those who are actually looking for the service providers.

This mobile app service model has following advantages for an Uber for X entrepreneur.

Company as a service – For a Uber for X entrepreneur his company works as a service connecting the service providers and the customers. This creates a unique business model where you concentrate on your service platform and the services are handled by the providers in the shared economy.

Mobile first – With the mobile first approach and the power of automated workflows companies are saving on resources used for job allocations, tracking jobs and payments among other advantages.

Shared Economy economics – With the shared economy and no obligations on employees salaries this is a win win situation for the mobile app entrepreneur and the freelance service providers who can take up as many jobs as they can handle. The chart below shows how accepting people in different parts of the world are of sharing communities


future of shared economy

Future Ready – Uber for X apps are scalable and extendable to meet any business requirement in future. On request mobile app services can be extended to any new region by just subscribing service providers in that region.


The future of shared economy

Data Analytical – The data collected over devices is helping the users, providers and management taking informative decisions like.

  • Users are selecting providers based on distance, rating and availability
  • Providers are accepting jobs based on availability and rates
  • Management is able to find trends in demand, rating and user experience

Glampire Labs has expertise in delivering Uber for X apps for your business. With successfully running Uber for X apps already in the iOS and Android stores.

I have added a nice infographic for you guys to understand on demand mobile app – Uber for X in quick time.

Uber Infographic


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